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Court Bans Cross

Comment on Ban of Crosses as memorial for fallen Law Enforcement in Utah 8-19-2010

If a cross offends you when used to commemorate a person who died, then LOOK THE OTHER WAY.  All kinds of gross, obscene, offensive images are plentiful on billboards, T-shirts, bumper stickers, magazine covers, TV shows and commercials, street corners, in store windows, music videos and movie theatres. Why doesn’t anyone object and take these to court??  Why do the courts not find these morally offensive expressions to be inappropriate and ban them??

WHY can a few dictate what all may or may not do??

You’d have to have lived in outer space all your life to NOT know that a simple cross shape is a symbol of remembrance for one who died. [In the article: Federal Appeals Court Rules Against Utah Memorial Crosses Along Highway , the monuments were erected to honor Highway Patrol troopers who lost their lives in the line of duty. “…they selected crosses for the memorials because the image of a cross can simultaneously convey a message of death, remembrance, honor, gratitude and sacrifice.”]

If you ban crosses when used in Non-religious context – then carry it ALL the way thru. Crosses are made of wood which come from trees. So, ban trees. You might as well ban construction materials, paper products and printers ink. They are used for building churches, and printing Hymnals and religious materials. Ban busses. Some churches use busses. Ban the use of star shapes, fish shapes, circle shapes, heart shapes. Ban colors. Ban music. Ban singing. These may also be used in religious expression.

While you are at it, ban clouds, water, fire, light, wind, rainbows. Even ban truth, integrity, and life it’s self, because they all have meaning in Christian / religious faith, as are hundreds of other concepts, shapes and ideas.

So, if you will be so absurd as to ban crosses, then carry through with the idea. Don’t stop at banning crosses. Ban all that might have meaning or value to someone in their particular faith. Cut off the nose to spite the face. Disadvantage everyone to avoid “offending” a few.

Does ANYONE see how ludicrous and extremist it is to ban the use of one certain shape simply because it also has meaning to another group of people.. (especially if they happen to be Christians)? I’d bet you a million, if it was an Islamic symbol or a Pagan symbol, the courts would have allowed it, and be willing to die defending the “right” to display it, on public lands, funded by the tax dollars.

Note: Those who objected to the crosses memorializing fallen officers of the law don’t even LIVE in that state, so why should they care. What do they prefer as a symbol of law enforcement officers courage, strength, commitment, daily sacrifice, and giving their lives in the line of duty? What do they suggest people would use to commemorate the life of someone who died… perhaps a hammer and sickle? Is that where they are going with this?

The bottom line: Clearly they are squandering tax dollars, and the time and patience of the judicial system, contending against something that is none of their business or concern in the first place. For shame, for shame.

~ Ben and Sue Charles   © 8-19-2010

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KEEP Christmas in America

By Sue Charles

Yes, it’s Christmas in America! Excitement fills the air!
But Christmas Trees and Manger Scenes cause tension everywhere.
The Atheists build signs of hate and post them in plain view,
And cause a stir of stress and fear – but this is nothing new.

They use the Christmas season – meant for peace on earth, good will,
And turn it upside down with all their hate and threats, but still
The people keep on singing, as shopping they will go,
Tuning out each hostile voice meant to make the crushing blow

The hate-filled voices of the few don’t mean we all must bow
To their ridiculous demands that say all good must go.
We must not melt in fear and shame when the godless few
Stomp their feet in tantrums, as if they were only Two.

Throughout the ages many tried to crush Christmas altogether,
But the remnant of truth will always keep God’s work forever.
So, celebrate what’s right and true; and kindness, hope and joy
That’s meant for hearts of young and old, for every girl and boy.

This nation is a light of hope, a beacon far and near.
We must stand tall, and sing, and pray and even shed a tear
For those who seek to destroy us all, our freedoms and our land.
And everyone who sees our flag and covers heart with hand.

We pray a blessing on our people, nation and our land
And keep our hope in God above to watch over as we stand
In courage and in strength, committing ourselves to good
And lend a hand to those less blest, as every person should.

So, when the hateful few shout out their message dark and drear,
Just keep in mind that Christmas is a special time of year
To celebrate the Christ child’s birth, to spread the good word too
That all can have that joy and peace with spiritual renew.

So, sing the carols, tie the bows and light the Christmas tree,
Say “Merry Christmas” in the mall, the neighborhood, and street.
Keep Christmas in America, hear Choirs far and wide,
Proclaim the season’s hope and peace, and joy of Christmas tide.

~ Sue Charles © 12-08-08

LEARN MORE about the History and Background of the Poem – CLICK HERE.

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BIBLE meaning

A father was approached by his small son, who told him proudly, “I know what the BIBLE means!” His father smiled and replied, “What do you mean, you  ‘know’ what the Bible means?” The son replied, “I do know!” “Okay,” said his father. “So, son, what does BIBLE mean?” “That’s easy, Daddy. It stands for:






Youth-ful Wisdom that can’t be beat. You can find humor in “Funny and Stupid Instructions” – CLICK HERE to go there now. – Yes, Really!

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Scenic Slide Show

We hope to encourage and inspire with the content placed here.

We have created a scenic slide show of images around Washington State, USA for your enjoyment. CLICK HERE to view. Please let us know what you think. Note: if you are using FireFox you may need to download an updated version of (something) or adjust the FireFox settings to view slideshow. I noticed that FireFox prevents me from viewing YouTube vids and other media on websites.

US Flag Port Townsend Lighthouse Sunburst

Tumwater Heritage Park wildlife Tumwater Heritage Park Sea gull at Ocean Shores, WA

Photos by Sue Charles / NW Native Media Productions

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Visit this inspiring place

There are numerous websites… okay, billions! So, how do you know where to find something REALLY inspirational? Well, this one came to me, and I want you to visit there too. Save it on your desktop, or somewhere very handy so you can go there and get your “daily requirement” of encouragement. It’s called: Calendar of Daily Bible Flash Movies. There is something for every day of the year. You can poke around and visit many, or just click on the main calendar page and receive the inspiring flash movie for that day. Either way… I know you will love visiting here often.


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Facts are cheap, information is plentiful, knowledge is precious.

Michael E. Angier

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Hello world!

Welcome to the Maude and Poppy Page. Make yourself at home. Have a cup of tea, and stay for a visit.

You may have gotten here through Sube Town USA, or perhaps you took the scenic route by Tutters TreehouseBut, we’re glad you came. Take a minute to browse the pages, visit the links and view the slide show. Please come again real soon and bring a friend. Take care now.

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